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Background Compliance Management

The market for online learning is growing annually by an average of 20%. According to a recent survey conducted by Market Effect online learning is the most accessible learning within the future.

Besides, there are continuously more rules from the government and Brussels that companies are obliged to do something about the “talent and development” of their staff (compliance requirements).  Considering mandatory training and education in the field of safety, working with patients or working with dangerous substances. To manage these compliance requirements, many companies are still using Excel spread sheets. Besides being prone to error is to keep these conditions in an Excel file is ineffective and will cost the company irrelevant time and money.

Why compliance management is error prone with Excel?

It is known that each manual adjustment in such a document can bring certain risks or error with it. The file must be opened to look for the right staff, the right results update, adjust training time and file to store. In addition, this can face different external factors such as inflow and outflow of the staff and employees who change jobs.

Why should a company make it difficult using an excel sheet while there is a Software to do this perfectly. This is often noticed from our customers that it is about the money. Perhaps this used to be a good argument for such software solutions. Learnlinq is a Learning Management System solution for all these companies, which are working with Excel files for the Compliance management and keep track of training and the certifications of the employees.

LearnLinq does have the right subscription for each company, no high-cost implementation of the training, but immediately start the work.

With LMS LearnLinq you have within a push button an understanding of the knowledge and competencies of your employees. The integrated three in one solution, course administration, compliance management.

In the following illustration you can see key features of the software:

Learning Management System LearnLinq

Find more about the compliance management possibilities for your business via the software LearnLinq via the website www.learnlinq.com or www.lnm.nl contact J. Verheul at our sales team l 0031 (0) 6 14 862 469

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