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Compliance LMS

Companies are operating in an increasingly structured world of laws and safety regulations. Large corporations often have an entire team or department responsible, on a daily basis, for ensuring that their organisation meets such compliance requirements.

For small and medium-sized businesses, this is too expensive, and therefore they need to find cheaper solutions. Online training (e-learning) is proven to be a cost-effective approach for managing compliance requirements and its correct use can reduce the amount of classroom training by up to 50%. The Learning Management System (LMS) is therefore a necessity not just for running the e-learning itself, but also for supporting the entire training procedure within the company. Think about all the different programs, teaching methods and staff within a company who all need their own training!

An increasing burden of compliance

In order to insure your staff against accidents and calamities, employees need to be aware of the rules as well as understand and be able to act on legislative requirements (i.e. compliance management). In recent years, as more and more requirements and regulations have been added, it has become harder for companies to comply.

How can online learning (e-learning) help?

There are a number of ways in which online training or the use of an LMS can help the company achieve its compliance targets:

  • Easy to offer to all staff or any specific group
  • Online training (e-learning) courses are consistent in content and execution
  • Annual retraining can be automatically scheduled by the LMS Software
  • Certificates and badges can be issued or stored for possible audits
  • Reports can be divided into groups or domain locations and can be made available for regulators
  • The use of online testing during training provides an ongoing insight into employees’results

The key consideration is that the LMS, e-learning and testing are now affordable for small and medium businesses as the costs of establishing and maintaining the LMS have been significantly reduced in recent years through the use of intelligent software solutions.

Personalisation of compliance training and talent development

Training itself, as well as the time it requires, is expensive. It is therefore critical that the appropriate compliance training is provided for the staff concerned. Within LearnLinq’s “compliance groups”, employees are assigned according to a personal training profile from LearnLinq based on their position, department or location. This ensures that individuals just need to follow the courses relevant to them.

Through automatic email alerts and tasks, LearnLinq ensures that everyone remains informed of the pending expiration of certifications.

By working with compliance groups and online training, the risk of non-compliance with certain regulations is reduced, ensuring that entities have proper administration and evidence of the relevant compliance training. Moreover, the number of courses can be efficiently planned and targeted, resulting in lower training costs.

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