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Technological innovations in the world of education show no signs of slowing down, while learning management systems are increasingly becoming fully automated solutions for managing the entire learning process in a business. There are many reasons why a company needs a learning management system and the five most important reasons are listed below.

E-learning is the future

E-learning was seen as the successor to the traditional way of learning in the early 21st century, due to the emergence of various Internet technology possibilities alongside the increasing need for learning within a business. Today e-learning is versatile and flexible and used across a wide range of business sectors.

Easy to monitor progress and development of employees

A Learning Management System gives you the opportunity to track the progress and development of your employees. Through a ‘dashboard’, you have an overview of your staff’s results which, for managers, means that they can see the progress of their team within a single view.

Law and regulations

Companies are making increasing demands of their employees. Nowadays, there are more and more rules obliging businesses to address the issues of training and certification which can often be seen in ‘safety’ training in such fields as patient handling and hazardous substances.

To manage this, a learning management system is an ideal solution. The important part is compliance management and with LearnLinq’s capabilities within this area, you will always be aware of when you, as a company, are compliant with the applicable laws and regulations.

Robust reporting at the push of a button

Manage the complete training profile of your company from a central location. A Learning Management System ensures that HR does not have to work with complex data and administration sheets; at the push of a button, the LMS generates different reports that provide insight into your planning. Moreover, training management and course administration are considerably easier than when using old-fashioned data sheets.

Learning Management System is a cost-efficient solution

With Learnlinq, your education budget will become more cost-effective, mainly due to the cost savings resulting from the introduction of an LMS. An LMS ensures that staff can schedule their own time and not lose days on, e.g. travel.
Think about all the operations required to schedule, send confirmation emails, compile attendance lists and store the results. With Learnlinq all this is consigned to history!


If you are looking for a Learning Management System to serve as a total solution for your course administration, job compliance management and e-learning, then Learnlinq is the solution for your company. For more information, please visit our website at www.learnlinq.com or contact J. Verheul via our sales team +31 (0) 6 14 862 469